Давным-давно в далекой Галактике...

Старая Республика пала. На ее руинах Орден ситхов создал галактическую Империю, подчиняющую одну за другой планетные системы. Силы Альянса стремятся свергнуть Темного Императора и восстановить свободное правление в Галактике.

Генерал Оби-Ван Кеноби возвращается после многолетнего уединения, чтобы снова сойтись в поединке с Повелителем Тьмы Дартом Вейдером. Вместе с ним на светлой стороне Силы - юный пилот Люк, сын Анакина Скайуокера, принцесса-сенатор Лейя Органа, легендарный коррелианский контрабандист Хэн Соло и его друг вуки Чубакка.

Поединок Императора и Люка Скайуокера, боевое крещение Разбойного эскадрона в битве у Эндора, диверсионный поход по чащам Лесной луны Хэна Соло и Лейи, безумный прорыв в недра Звезды Смерти и недолгое возвращение старого джедая - в самых главных эпизодах Звездных Войн!

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Tri-fighter [TIE Clutch]
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Tristrebitel - modified fighter invidov. Is it a real "freak", a mutant, collected from different parts of the fighter, or a separate model, SPS has undergone minor modifications, is unknown. He has been an uncanny resemblance to light-hour V38, suggesting that the origin of the "freak".

Round cab and ion engines, everything is almost the same as in the basic model of light fighter. By cab attached three sharp "blades", located at a distance of one hundred twenty degrees from each other. Two under the bottom of the ship, while the third gracefully crowned top of the cab. Construction is equipped with twin high-power lasers and the ion gun. Such ships have additional opportunities to scan the territory that the pilot is inside, is very tangible advantage. From the Tristrebitel resembles a giant claw three claws, grabbing a steel ball. Maybe because the people they are called - "claw."

These machines generally use a variety of pirate clans in the outer ring. The most dangerous threat to the New Republic, represented by former Union Moff Leonia Tavira, and squadrons tristrebiteley group of pirates led by Iakoba Nive.
Even during the New Order pirate community called Eyttirmin Batiiv "were completely routed by a successful operation of the Empire. After the blow of more than eight thousand pirates survived less than three hundred. Iakob Nive automatically became their leader. "Survivors" as they call themselves, for some time forgot about piracy and all the forces thrown against the Empire, but after the death of the Emperor, they returned to their usual business. Iron discipline, established Niven, was shaken. They joined the Leonia Tavira and become the best pilots "claw" Tavira.

This is probably the best of the freaks on the combat characteristics. He has good speed, maneuverability and armament.

Forum » Star Wars Empire At War Forces Of Corruption » Star Wars Units » Tri-fighter [TIE Clutch]
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