Давным-давно в далекой Галактике...

Старая Республика пала. На ее руинах Орден ситхов создал галактическую Империю, подчиняющую одну за другой планетные системы. Силы Альянса стремятся свергнуть Темного Императора и восстановить свободное правление в Галактике.

Генерал Оби-Ван Кеноби возвращается после многолетнего уединения, чтобы снова сойтись в поединке с Повелителем Тьмы Дартом Вейдером. Вместе с ним на светлой стороне Силы - юный пилот Люк, сын Анакина Скайуокера, принцесса-сенатор Лейя Органа, легендарный коррелианский контрабандист Хэн Соло и его друг вуки Чубакка.

Поединок Императора и Люка Скайуокера, боевое крещение Разбойного эскадрона в битве у Эндора, диверсионный поход по чащам Лесной луны Хэна Соло и Лейи, безумный прорыв в недра Звезды Смерти и недолгое возвращение старого джедая - в самых главных эпизодах Звездных Войн!

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TIE Phantom
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Prototypes of LED-phantom tested near the planet Drayton, Drayton in the cluster. The project manager of Admiral Sarn. When the initial checks were completed, Lord Vader took control of the project into their own hands and ordered to put TIE Phantom into production. Congestion, location of one of the big battles of the Old Republic, had fallen into disrepute. It provides excellent cover for a top-secret research.

After attempts to disguise Admiral Zaarina Corellian corvette project Vorknkiks, all efforts were concentrated on concealment of a fighter. Zaarinu been modified TIE V38 Sentinel. The modification was the code name of the LED phantom. This TIE has a unique masking fixture against radars, scanners, sensors and the naked eye the enemy, the device works even in hyperspace. Cabin type is similar in design to the Corellian transport, rather than the usual round-pilot's compartment, which is characteristic for the corporation Sienar. The prototype is unique. Two guns located at the bottom of the cab, the three - at the ends of the wings. Surprising is the presence of the so-called Fields of invisibility, the secret development of the Emperor, on such a small fighter. Firepower LED phantom power is slightly more than fighter jets in its class, as the imperial and the Alliance. It is also equipped with safety margins and hyperdrive. Full disguise for such a ship - a unique case, since it is not considered to be effective for any ships except for a very large warships or transports. Unfortunately for us, masking system for such a small ship, moreover, are so complex and powerful, has dangerous side effects for the crew. Sometimes, pilots returning from missions partially transparent. Bring them back to normal and failed. Source of energy fighter is very unstable, with the slightest crash the whole machine flies up into the air. And the field itself is very unstable, sometimes it is caused only partial loss, and sometimes off in the most unexpected moment or blinks during the battle. Perhaps this is due to the redistribution of energy. Our scientists have not fully grasped the fact that they themselves created. That is why this ship is only a prototype.

Serial production of the order of Lord Vader failed. Squadron "Sigma", the first wave of deadly fighters, prepared to descend for a couple of hours, but the factory on Imidaare Alpha was destroyed by the rebels. TIE Phantoms were killed, with many other ships of the Empire. The flagship of Admiral Zaarina, SSD "Terror" was also destroyed, along with the factory. The admiral was removed from the cases personally by Lord Vader, and the project was not renewed. Percussion group of rebels under the command of En Marlena managed to steal one of the LED phantom, but the fighter will self-destruct on the basis of the insurgents, worked as imperial protector of privacy.

Empire, however, has high hopes that sooner or later the camouflage system will be improved, which will bring us immediate and bloodless victory. Fighter, while working the fields will be practically invulnerable. Drawings LED phantom still on Coruscant and available to members of the Inner Circle of the Emperor.

Forum » Star Wars Empire At War Forces Of Corruption » Star Wars Units » TIE Phantom
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